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The Green Lands: Magic - Part 2 - Types of Magic and Magicians


Types of Magic

The basis of magic in the Green Lands is BRP’s Magic rules (NOT Sorcery) from BRP pages 88-93, adding Divine Magic, Ritual Magic, and certain aspects of Spirit Magic and Wizardy from BRP’s The Magic Book. It also adds a new form of magic, Rune Magic.

Types of Magicians

art by John Jude Palencar
Each of the cultures has its own types of practitioners. While it is not impossible for a member of one culture to become a practitioner of another cultural type (say, a Wald becoming a druid), it’s pretty much unheard of. Druids, Vola, Shaman and Rune Sorcerors guard their secrets carefully.

Lay Magicians: Anyone with a little magical aptitude (see below) can learn a few spells, provided they can get someone to teach them. This is someone who knows a couple of spells, maybe several, but does not belong to any larger order of magicians. Their magic is straight from BRP’s Magic rules.

Druids: the Druids are the combination wise-men (or women), priests, and sorcerors of the Carthan cultures. Their magic falls into two categories - basic magic (as in BRP Magic rules), and Divine Magic as detailed in The Magic Book for BRP. Additionally, they can use wizardry skills to further power their basic magic spells.

Gothi: the Gothi serve a similar function in Wald society as the Druids do in Carthan society. They also use basic  and Divine Magic. They do not use wizardry skills.

Vola: Vola are female healer/shaman of the Wald culture. They also use basic and Divine Magic, with a focus on healing and helping.

Skathak Shaman: the shaman of the Skathak people’s are experts in dealing with the spirit world. They also use basic and Divine Magic, with a focus on dealing with the spirit world.

Wald Rune Sorceror: the rune sorceror practices a unique, flexible kind of magic built around the Runes, sources of magical power found among the Wald culture.

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