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The Green Lands - Magic - Core Concepts


Spirit Combat is described in The Magic Book, pages 7-9. Almost any magic-using character will use Spirit Combat, especially Shaman.

Spell Focus is also described in The Magic Book, pages 17-18. This concept is also in use here - all the various magicians use focus in some way.

Spells and Strike Rank for melee round purposes, spells begin being cast on the caster’s base strike rank, and take effect on the caster’s base strike rank + 1 strike rank + 1 strike rank per level or POW cost of the spell. So, if your base strike rank is 5, and you’re casting three levels of a spell (or a 3-point POW spell), you start casting on strike rank 5, and the spell hits on strike rank 9 (5+1+3).


Divine Magic is described in Chaosium’s The Magic Book, but could use some clarification. Here it is:
Any character with at least 20 Allegiance points to a deity can learn Divine Magic from that deity as “Initiates” (cf. The Magic Book, page 28). Anyone who is in Allegiance to a deity (cf. BRP page 315), can
learn Divine Magic from that deity as a “Priest” (cf. The Magic Book, page 29). To learn a Divine Magic spell, it typically takes 1 week of study and a donation of 20 s or so to your teacher(s). You also have to sacrifice the POW Cost, meaning you give up your own POW to the deity. The POW comes back at the normal POW recovery rate.

One-Use spells, you can cast one time. After that, if you ever want to cast it again, you must go to some holy place and sacrifice POW again to learn the spell.

Re-usable spells - you can cast them one time, then must spend some time in a holy place, in meditation, to “re-learn” the spell. You do not have to sacrifice POW for it a second time. For that reason, Stacking is the best way to go. In that case, you sacrifice for more than one casting of the spell. A stack of 3 1-point spells means you can either cast that spell three times before having to re-learn it, or cast a single casting
three times as powerful as usual. Short and long of it: one-use spells you have to keep sacrificing POW for each time you want to use them. Re-usable you do not.

Boosting allows you to beef up a Divine Spell by adding some of your own POW to it at time of casting. 1 point increases the strength of the spell by one (note – how this actually translates into play depends on the individual spell).

There is no need to roll for success on a Divine Spell. They always work, and they always work as expected.

Divination Works as described in The Magic Book, page 27.

Divine Intervention and Allegiance Any character with at least 20 points of Allegiance to a deity may call on that deity for Divine Intervention. The chance of success is equal to the character’s POW, and, if the Divine Intervention roll is successful, the character loses POW points equal to the d100 roll. Any character who is in Allegiance to a deity (as described in the BRP book) can receive divine intervention at the same chance (POWx1), but does not lose POW points when receiving Divine Intervention.

Ritual Magic is as described in The Magic Book.

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