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The Green Lands - The Gothi

The Wald do not distinguish much between priests and lay worshipers. Most people honor their gods at household altars, and know the appropriate prayers, rites and sacrifices for such events as births, marriage,
death, solstice, year’s end, ship-blessings, hearth-blessings, meetings, and battles. Those with superior knowledge and strong magical ability may become priests, or gothi. The gothi lead public worship and occupy a great place of importance in their community.


Most Wald temples are only shrines. They typically are in natural settings and include a prominent statue or image of the god or gods. They conform to temple rules. In the larger Wald settlements, some major temples can be found.

Organization & Structure

There is no particular organization to the community’s religious structure, beyond that imposed by an individual gothi. Neither is there any particular hierarchal structure. At any gathering, the oldest and most experienced gothi is automatically the de facto leader of the moment. There are specific variations
among practices depending on which god a gothi is most aligned to. Gothi, like druids, are priests of all the gods, but may have strong allegiance to one.

Requirements To Join

Any character with a combined INT+POW of 16 or greater and Knowledge Religion-Wald of greater than 30% can become a gothi. They must connect with another gothi who will serve as mentor and teacher for at least one year, teaching them spells and training them in the religious duties of leading public worship
(treat as training in Religion-Wald). Becoming a gothi automatically confers 20 Allegiance points to all Wald gods. He receives the usual benefits and chances for Divine Intervention.

Skills Supported By Gothi

Lay members are trained free of charge up to 25% in any of the following skills:

Any Axe
Craft (Brew Mead)
Craft (Poetry)
Craft (Woodwork)
Knowledge: Wald Law
Knowledge: Wald Lore
Knowledge: Religion-Wald
Perform (Saga)
Pilot (Boat)
Row, and Sail.
Self Bow
Shield attack and parry

Gothi can receive training from other Gothi at ½ normal costs.


As with most priests, the Gothi are limited in DEX-based skills to DEXx5%.. He must preside over  sacrifices, feasts, marriages, see that leaders follow the way of heroes, and make sure that at all times the power of the gods is honored.


By law, a gothi is unstrikable. Any who would attack a priest is outcast and becomes an open target, both to physical retribution, and, worse, the dying curse of the gothi, which is delivered with the force of all POW in this world and the next. Another advantage is that they serve only the gods and no temporal lords can command them. A gothi may come and go as he sees fit. They are treated with deference, and, and respect,
mixed with a healthy dose of fear, and may demand whatever they wish for their services.

A Gothi gets an automatic 1 point of POW every three years.

Gothi Magic

Gothi learn typical Magic spells as in BRP and have access to learning Divine Magic and Rune Sorcery.

My note: I had a lot of trouble getting a handle on the gothi, compared to the druids and shaman.  I think part of it is that they are, after all, very similar to druids.  Somehow, I still end up feeling like I shorted them.  

Yet the fact remains that they are potentially every bit as powerful as druids, have plenty of unique spells, and have access to the very powerful Rune Magic.  Since their structure is so much simpler, there's a lot less detail I needed to go into in describing them.

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